Together We Evolve

Welcome to Evolver Awakening! We want to ensure this site is a safe and fun place for community-building and open discourse around our the topics of consciousness exploration, wellness, spiritual journeying and self-growth. In an effort to help foster in-depth dialogue and meaningful connections for all of our members, we’ve compiled the following guidelines.  

Please familiarize yourself with this site and larger community. We will work to promote and foster the most active members of this community. Commenters who are propelling the conversation forward in meaningful ways will receive member perks, TBD.

Please note: if you are only looking for a place to promote your work, products or business, this is not the space for you. Alternatively, if you are someone who has had an awakening moment of some kind and/or is looking to connect with others along the same path—and help catalyze the new growth of spiritual culture—you’ve come to the right place.  

We do have a few specific opportunities for members to share what they’ve been creating and working on. We ask that you keep all self-promotion within those arenas.

Below are guidelines on the activities we do and do not support in our community comments sections, and throughout Evolver Awakening:

Please Do:

– Introduce yourself to other members

– Share your personal goals, thoughts, dreams and insights

– Ask those deep-down, burning questions you weren’t sure anybody might understand

– Share inspiring personal stories or relevant anecdotes with the community

– Get to know one another and provide support

– Honor and respect all community members

– Ask any questions you feel compelled to ask with an open heart and mind

– Share links to other Evolver pages (podcast episodes, blog posts, stories etc. that you want to reference)

– Share relevant outside links about our topics that are broadly useful to this community of [How many??]+ members (note: we are very selective about posting these, they have to be really good!)

– Use this space as a tool to help you learn, love and grow. Please access and enjoy the information and resources of this site and our wonderful, expanding community. We hope your conversations will expand on all of our topics and that you’ll explore new adventures in consciousness and spirituality through this space.

Please Do Not:

– Do not troll this space. We will delete any posts that troll this space.

– Do not insult fellow commenters or create a judgemental atmosphere with your comments.

– Do not post your website, links to your personal pages, or promotion of any products, business or  events without express written permission from Evolver Awakening moderators.

– Do not post asking for medical health advice from this community. If you are having a medical issue, this is not the space to solve it. Please separately seek a healthcare professional.

– Do not post offering medical advice of any kind.

– Do not post invitations to events in your city or other regional-specific post– please post these in geographically specific subgroups (i.e. Meetups) without express written permission from Evolver Awakening moderators

– Do not solicit work or offer work to others in this space.

– Do not post crowdfunding requests or links to your friend’s Etsy shop, GoFundMe, LinkedIn, etc. without express written permission from Evolver Awakening moderators

–  Do not submit press releases or links without context/information

–Do not post memes (There are plenty of better suited spaces for those!) or general interest/current affairs links

– Do not post Twitter/Facebook/other social media “follow” threads

– We acknowledge that there may be disagreements throughout the dialogue in this space, but ask that people in this community respect one another and acknowledge that we are all here for the common purpose of learning and exploring together. This is a space to encourage one another and find the support of fellow seekers and journiers.