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Itzhak Beery,  Susana Bustos,  Nicki Doane,  Flordemayo,  Ellen Goldberg,  Mitch Horowitz,  Sandra Ingerman,  John Perkins,  Dean Radin,  Paul Selig,  Sitaramaya Sita,  Ezzie Spencer,  Adrian Taffinder,  Alberto Villoldo,  Spring Washam,  Sarah Durham Wilson,  Hank Wesselman,  Gino Yu.

Hear Talks From

Eben Alexander,  Robin Rose Bennett,  Alex Grey,  Allyson Grey,  Graham Hancock,  Joanna Macy,  Dennis McKenna,  Ralph Metzner,  Jason Silva,  Starhawk,  Jamie Wheal and more.

Live Conferences – Moderated Forum – E-Book

The world’s leading consciousness teachers, authors and activists are creating a community to support spiritual opening and exploration. And they want you to be a part of it.

A Sneak Peek Into Evolver Awakening

Evolver Awakening is a learning community that aims to serve the growing number of us who are experiencing spiritual openings and are looking for context and community with which to navigate this exciting journey.

Members receive 2 new weekly video courses presented by the world’s leading experts in consciousness topics. Courses run 8-12 weeks, concurrently, and as one ends a new course begins. It’s a continual stream of new content on topics that are hard to find elsewhere. All previous courses remain available.

The first two courses are “Preparing for Your Shamanic Initiation” and “Cultivating Intention to Serve Your Higher Purpose.” Future topics include: “How to Approach Psychedelic Exploration,” “The New Science of Consciousness,” “The Healing Power of Vibration,” and “Where Meditation Can Take You.”

Each of these courses on it’s own has a value of $300. But you get them all, with unlimited viewings, for only $10 a month. (You’ll be charged $10 a month after your initial charge has been made.)

As a Member you also get 10 premiere lectures from the Evolver Learning Lab archives, presented by top teachers like Alex and Allyson Grey, Graham Hancock, Starhawk, Andrew Harvey, and Sergio Magana.

In addition, you’re invited to a full calendar of live video discussions led by remarkable practitioners, authors and artists, like Kim Krans, Adam Elenbass, Annie Oak, and Rachel Kann.

And you receive the eBook, “Am I Waking Up, or Am I Losing My Fucking Mind?”

Members also are invited to exclusive in-person workshops, events, retreats and conferences.

All this comes with joining an engaged community dedicated to supporting your spiritual exploration by connecting you to peers to share with, as well as teachers and healers to inform and support your journey.

Daniel Ryan

“When I think of Evolver, above all I think of the people I’ve met because it exists and how grateful I am for those relationships in my life. It starts with being interested in a subject that might be difficult to learn about somewhere else, and it leads to you connecting with a new person.”

We all need people to travel with along this path.

On our live calls and discussion threads, you’ll meet friends who will recognize and honor your journey. Because they’re asking the same questions you are.

We’re doing everything we can to create the ideal environment for you to continue your inner exploration.

All for only $10 a month.

That would be an incredible value if it bought you only a fraction of what we’re offering.

But by joining, you get these two amazing courses, and many more to come. These are in-depth presentations by the world’s top authorities, who talk to you the way they talk with their friends — the people who get it. They’re not wasting time addressing skeptics, people who haven’t had direct experience. Evolver Awakening is for those who are already down the rabbit hole and crave honest, unvarnished knowledge and insight.

This is a time of transition and change, where many people are having the unexpected and seemingly inexplicable happening to them. And their experiences can be surprising. Sometimes beautiful, but other times confusing and challenging.

Have you noticed any of the following happening to you?

  • You’re in a group meditation class and suddenly you’re seeing light with your eyes closed.
  • You feel a bolt of Kundalini energy shoot up your spine during your yoga class.
  • You’re on MDMA at a rave and you’re seeing people’s auras.
  • You’re in the office and you can feel your boss’ suffering.
  • You’re hearing plants speak to you.
  • You’re experiencing a much deeper connection to the moon and stars that’s beyond language.
  • Colors appear more vibrant and every day objects such as a tree or even a fire hydrant captures your attention.
  • You take a psychedelic trip that completely shatters your old outlook on life.
  • You know there’s more to the universe than the conventional mechanistic worldview, and you long to hold that awareness viscerally, but don’t know how.

In Evolver Awakening, you’re in the company of knowledgeable and respected teachers, who know there’s more than one way to open up to spirit, and more than one path up the mountain.

We all need an environment where we can flourish in our own inquiry.

Do you want to join us?

2 New Courses – Always

Here’s a schedule of the first two courses.

Cultivating Intention To Serve

Your Higher Purpose

Do your thoughts transform the material world? Can the mind directly impact our reality? Western science says it can’t be true, but all mystical lineages from around the world talk about the connection between intention and manifestation.

Class 1
Mitch Horowitz, “Stronger Every Day: Mind Power as a Way of Life”

Explore how to use your thoughts to shape reality with seriousness and practicality. Receive a whole new understanding of what you are truly capable of through the metaphysical dimensions of your mind from a widely-known historian and voice of esoteric ideas.

Class 2
Ellen Goldberg, “Using the Tarot for Mystic Support of Intention”

Learn to prepare for trance states, listen within and awaken intuition using tarot to support you, with one of the world’s best known teachers of Tarot and palmistry.

Class 3
Nicki Doane, “Manifesting Your Intentions through Your Yoga Practice”

Set a pattern of daily intentions and learn to elevate your yoga practice from the purely physical to the spiritual, with one of the West Coast’s leading Ashtanga yoga teacher. You’ll raise your consciousness and become more efficient with your energy to support all you do in your life.

Class 4
Adrian Taffinder, “Tapping Into Your Body’s Sense of Knowing”

Build trust in your body’s intuition and discern what is self-sabotage and what is true intuition through somatic knowing, with a human potential leader and entrepreneur.

Class 5
Ezzie Spencer, “Embodying Your Intention”

Learn to work with intention on the cellular level and understand how to link your intention with elevated emotions through somatic practice, with a leading wellbeing coach and author.

Class 6
Dean Radin, “Magic For the 21st Century”

Appreciate the scientific grounding of how intention can actually shape reality from one of the world’s leading academic researchers of consciousness phenomena.

Class 7
Sarah Durham Wilson, “Remembering Archetype and Sacred Feminine”

Initiate yourself through the ongoing natural rhythms of birth, death and rebirth—and learn to better integrate past patterns into the new path you’re creating.

Class 8
Paul Selig, “Identifying as The True Self”

Experience what it feels like to be in the vibration of truth and release blockages that keep you in your small self with a revered author and medium.

Class 9
Gino Yu, “Intention as A Process toward Purpose”

Recognize how emotions shape your intentions, and why your intentions do not always align with how things play out, with an internationally renowned consciousness researcher.

Class 10
Spring Washam, “Honing Intention Through Spiritual Practice”

Learn to recognize the unconscious motivations that undermine our vision and values, and how practicing altruism and compassion ensures our own happiness and success with a well known meditation teacher.

Preparing For Your

Shamanic Initiation

Shamanism is a word used to describe the primordial spiritual connection, the connection to nature and source that was shared by peoples across the globe before the rise of organized religion. Today these ancient lineages are being rediscovered, transforming contemporary spirituality.

Class 1
Itzhak Beery, “Hearing the Call of Initiation”

Discover what it means to be initiated — the challenges, the responsibilities, the opportunities— and learn from a leading shamanic teacher and author how to recognize and trust the authentic voice of spirit offering guidance.

Class 2
Hank Wesselman, “The Modern Mystical Movement and the Reconsideration of the Primordial Spirituality”

Embrace an intuitive, profound rapport with nature and your spiritual self. Learn from a revered anthropologist and bestselling author why the shamanic path of Direct Revelation is the foundation of 21st Century spirituality.

Class 3
Sitaramaya Sita, “An Introduction to 4 Cornerstones of Shipibo Ayahuasca Shamanism”

Learn from a PlantWisdom Practitioner trained in the Shipibo lineage how to partner with the ayahuasca plant spirit during the healing experience, and how we can connect, diet and communicate with sacred plants for healing and growth.

Class 4
Susana Bustos, “Singing the Songs of Plants”

The author of “The Healing Power of The Icaros” explores the function and beauty of the songs of plants in a ceremonial context, and reveals their healing powers as divined by different rainforest traditions.

Class 5
Flordemayo, Member of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, “Connecting To Spirit”

Learn to trust your direct access to the invisible world and develop a daily prayer practice for connection and guidance with a respected Curandera Espiritu, or a healer of divine spirit, and one of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.

Class 6
Alberto Villoldo, “The Luminous Energy Field”

Journey through ancient, shamanic, sacred feminine wisdom that teaches us everything in the universe is made of light. Explore natural healing as you connect to the luminous energy field that surrounds your body, with the guidance of a respected modern-day shaman.

Class 7
Alberto Villoldo, “Bands of Power”

In the modern world we can be exposed to a great deal of energetic contamination. Learn a powerful shamanic healing practice to protect your luminous energy field and release fear in exchange for love.

Class 8
Itzhak Beery, “Healing the Shadow Energies”

Discover the many ways you have control over the dark energies that affect you; you are not helpless. Learn, from a leading shamanic teacher, how to distinguish between the shadow material that is yours, and what is not yours.

Class 9
Sandra Ingerman, “Ceremony: Bringing the Sacred into Ordinary Life”

Uncover how to make ceremonial practice a regular part of your life, how to ground and to connect to spirit and how to appreciate the practice of ritual, with a well-loved author, shamanic practitioner and visionary.

Class 10
Sandra Ingerman, “A Practical Guide to Shamanic Journeying”

Unlock the mysteries of shamanic journeying to directly experience the invisible world and deepen your connection to the spiritual side of nature with the guidance of a shamanic practitioner and visionary.

Class 11
John Perkins, “The Power of Shapeshifting””

Learn the ancient shamanic art of shapeshifting, and its roots, with a leading modern-day shaman.

Class 12
John Perkins, “21st Century Shamanism”

How is the modern era being reshaped by our society’s rediscovery of ancient shamanic practices and the timeless truths of nature? Our very sense of what it means to be human, and humanity’s interconnection to plants and animals, is undergoing dramatic change.

Michael Garfield

“Reality Sandwich, and the Evolver Network that sprang out of it, have been an integral part of my development as thinker and a finder (not a seeker).

… A reliable source of alternative perspectives and a trusted repository of exciting fresh minds for me for over a decade, introducing me to the work of greats like Ken Jordan, JF Martel, Douglas Rushkoff, Paul Levy, Brian George, Charles Eisenstein, Magenta Ceiba, Kent Bye, Mitch Migano and countless others.”

“Am I Waking Up Or Am I Losing My Fucking Mind?”

Not only do you get these amazing courses, you’ll also receive a digital copy of our new book, Am I Waking Up Or Am I Losing My Fucking Mind?

A lot of spiritual books don’t recognize the importance of the community as part of someone’s opening process, and don’t address how all the different modalities and lineages from across geographic regions and cultures are contributing to a 21st-century understanding of what spirituality really is and what it makes possible.

This book approaches the subject from the perspective of a movement that is changing the planet.

The planet is in a crisis. It’s facing an ecological crisis that can only be met by people waking up and understanding their deep connection to nature and what it means to be truly connected to your spiritual center.

It’s only by changing our lives in order to be in better harmony with one another and to understand how we can be in service to a healthy community and ecosystem that will make the kind of changes necessary to avert an ecological catastrophe.

What we’ll cover in the book:

  • How to understand and navigate your waking up experience.
  • A review of all modalities that are available for people to go deeper in their spiritual journey.
  • A reimagining of what it means to be human.
  • Your interconnection with a living planet.

There’s no extra charge for the book. It’s included with your membership.

Visionary Talks

You’ll gain access to fascinating talks that are nearly impossible to find featuring some of the leading consciousness teachers of our time, including selected talks from the Evolver Learning Lab archives.

These talks were previously unavailable to the public and are now being made available for the first time.

The first 10 will include:

Alex and Allyson Grey, “The Mystical Practice of Visionary Art”

Visionary artists and co-founders of The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors Alex and Allyson Grey discuss the role of visionary artwork in reawakening people to their higher consciousness.

Eben Alexander, “Near-Death Experience and Multidimensional Reality”

Eben Alexander describes how a near-death experience, deep in coma with bacterial meningitis, helped him to re-assess consciousness, and tap into his innate connection with the entire universe.

Graham Hancock, “The Story of the Banned TED Talk, ‘The War on Consciousness'”

Graham Hancock’s TED Talk titled, “The War on Consciousness,” was taken down from YouTube by TED’s curators in 2013. For many, the act felt like a deliberate act of censorship of a key topic—the exploration of consciousness, outside of the brain. What about this topic was taboo for TED, and why?

Jason Silva, Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal, “Releasing Neurosis to Experience Ecstasis”

Jason Silva discusses fear, flow states and the balancing act of letting go vs staying in control—with Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal, authors of the bestselling book Stealing Fire and directors of the Flow Genome Project.

Ralph Metzner, “Understanding and Navigating Your States of Consciousness”

Learn to draw a map of your own evolving personal life-world, our self-system, centered in the here-now. This is the place of choice, responsibility, power and freedom. An inspiring and passionate statement about the state of the world, overcoming hopelessness, and getting involved from the beloved luminary of consciousness culture.

We’ll be adding to this library regularly from the Evolver Learning Lab archives and many other expert sources. Our team has been excavating some hidden treasures to share with you.

Connecting With Peers

You get to connect with other members in live video community calls where you can share experiences, interact, and generate new possibilities.

These moderated discussions will give you the opportunity to build with your peers and collaborate in the creation of a community of shared values.

The calls will also feature special guests: artists, writers, practitioners, activists, and luminaries who will lead discussions, offer workshops, and be available to answer your questions in real time.

Evolver has a deserved reputation for working with respected teachers and identifying powerful new voices on the rise.

On these calls, you’ll get to interact with these inspiring teachers directly, as part of your own path of development.

There are breakout groups for members to get to know each other better and go deeper.

These live calls are already proving to be really popular with our founding members. Among the guest presenters have been:

  • Kim Krans, Artist
  • Dean Radin, Research Scientist
  • Rachel Kann, Poet
  • Annie Oak, Women’s Visionary Congress
  • Adam Elenbaas, Astrologer

This is much more than courses and lectures. These live calls allow you to meet directly with teachers and other members of the community who will be your peers supporting you in your spiritual journey.

You will also be invited to local meetups, member-only weekend workshops, retreats, and conferences so you can meet your peers face-to-face and make meaningful connections.

The Power Of Community

A note from Ken Jordan, Evolver co-founder:

When I first experienced my own glimmer of an awakening, I was on my own. I didn’t know what was happening or who to talk to. But slowly I was able to find people here and there who I could trust with the intimate, sometimes bizarre and uncomfortable details of my personal transformation.

Have you ever had anyone, even just one person who you could really trust with anything? Even your deepest, most private secrets and desires? If so, you understand the importance of having a supportive and nonjudgmental person in your life. It meant so much to me, and helped me stay grounded and know that I wasn’t insane. Over time, I weaved these connections into a community—and with a handful of these close friends, we’re now expanding that community into Evolver Awakening.

That’s what Evolver Awakening really is for me—a safe space where I can truly be myself.

Along with this acceptance and belonging came personal growth and freedom to ask the questions I so desperately wanted to ask without any inhibition.

With support came knowledge as I gained direct access to knowledgeable teachers and practitioners who I could talk to, and discuss deep questions with.

Salix Roots

I have been part of these communities for many years and they have been an anchor to me, continually grounding me and reaffirming my interest in the esoteric, spiritual, and traditionally unexplored dimensions of modern life. There is really nothing else out there that is quite like Evolver.

In commitment to my quest for truth, I edited articles on Evolver’s magazine, Reality Sandwich, by remarkable people, like:

  • Dennis McKenna
  • Alex Grey
  • Alberto Villoldo
  • Starhawk
  • Ralph Metzner
  • Paul D. Miller
  • Martina Hoffman
  • Stan Grof
  • Sharon Gannon
  • Jeremy Narby
  • Cindi Dale
  • Charles Eisenstein
  • Mountain Girl Garcia
  • Douglas Rushkoff
  • Gary Lachman
  • Daniel Pinchbeck
  • Graham Hancock
  • John Perry Barlow
  • Robin Rose Bennett
  • Howard Rheingold

And then we began to offer online courses with the same cohort, giving me the opportunity to develop classes about the topics that interested me most. Subjects like shamanism, sacred geometry, plant intelligence, sound healing, psychedelic medical research, and near death experiences.

This really stoked my interest because I could now share my access and passion with anyone interested through an easy-to-digest series of affordable online courses.

My community soon included not only this incredible group of teachers and writers, and the team of Evolver staff and volunteers. It also came to include the students, readers, and the people who came to our many events. I found myself in an empowering network of smart, insightful and switched-on peers who helped me recognize the milestones of my own spiritual development.

They were here for me when I needed someone to talk to. And their own remarkable experiences helped to validate mine. If you are interested in this sense of validation and accessible quest for truth, I invite you to continue reading…

This only scratches the surface of the nearly 1,000 amazing authors we’ve published on RS over the years.

Cami Arrow

Being part of the Evolver community…has offered me the opportunity to meet, collaborate with, and befriend some of the most innovative movers, shakers and thinkers of the consciousness community both in New York and globally.

The online and local classes and events have opened me up to visionary topics way before general culture catches on which has made Evolver way ahead of its time.

What may have started as an idealistic platform has in fact turned out to be the go-to site to explore anything outside the conventional box and meeting others of similar mindset.

You Are The Evolution

What happens when you become a member of Evolver Awakening?

You access a steady stream of great courses by top teachers on topics that are hard to find elsewhere. You hear transformational talks from the Evolver Learning Lab archives. You receive an ebook about how so many people are waking up, so you can compare your experience to others.

And you’re part of a remarkable, vital community of people who are ready to go further. You’ll meet one another on Zoom community calls, in group discussions as well as live online talks and workshops. You’ll connect in moderated threaded discussions. You’ll find each other at meet ups, retreats, and conferences, for real face-to-face engagement.

Unlike other online learning platforms, here you help build the experience. We’re asking friends and allies to help shape this community. We want you to contribute to the conversation as we develop Evolver Awakening, and create something that will serve as many people as possible.

Join now and you’ll you’ll be setting the conditions for what this community will be as it grows.

Rachelle Robinett

“I discovered Evolver years ago and fell in love immediately. It was the place I’d been looking for – a home online, a community, truly high-quality content, and a spirit that connected the past, present, people and planet.”

Our Guarantee

If at any time you wish to cancel all you have to do is shoot us an email and we’ll take care of the cancellation for you.

If you’re not satisfied with the first month, we’ll happily refund your money with no questions asked! Just email our staff with the word “refund” in the subject line and we’ll refund your money right away.

Let’s Build This Together

Join us as a Member and be a part of this historic movement. By coming together, the light gets brighter.

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