At times the universe will let you know its plans for you — and those plans are way better than anything you might have imagined for yourself.

That’s certainly been my experience with Evolver, which has grown and morphed and evolved over the past decade in ways no one, me included, ever expected. Again and again, the right people showed up, the right opportunities presented themselves and this consciousness culture hub — which started with just a handful of us in NYC bootstrapping a blog called Reality Sandwich — has grown into a global network that reaches millions of people through education, publishing, events and a whole plant wellness marketplace.It hasn’t always gone smoothly.

Resources were limited, because it’s just not easy to attract funding for a platform dedicated to consciousness expansion and cultural transformation. And maybe we were also a bit ahead of the curve. The scene wasn’t large enough yet to support our vision of a mission-driven, socially responsible platform for the consciousness community.

We kept growing — as the scene itself grew — but in fits and starts. After Reality Sandwich we launched as a social networking platform. Later, we added the Evolver Learning Lab online courses. At one point we also had an Evolver Editions book imprint, and Evolver Social Movement grassroots groups in 50 cities — both of which we have since let go, along with the social networking site that basically got eaten by Facebook.

Then came The Alchemist’s Kitchen, our botanical dispensary dedicated to the power of plants. We opened a flagship location off the Bowery in Manhattan, presenting 30 consciousness culture events each month. We started the Bowery Cannabis Club for people passionate about the healing side of cannabis. Then we helped launch the Assemblage co-working space with another events series that drew even bigger crowds. And last year we began The Evolver podcast, our weekly interview program with inspirational figures talking about their personal awakening processes.

Evolver Awakening is our way of gathering all of our different parts and pieces together, and connecting the various branches of this incredible community.

For us, Evolver is a community first and foremost. It always has been. Everything we do springs out of the community we are a part of, and is intended to be in service to the consciousness movement.

This community is growing and maturing — fast. Its needs today are different than even a short time ago.

People are waking up at a remarkable rate. They are looking for others to share their experiences with, and for context to help them understand their own awakening process. They want to connect to the planet, to plants, and get in synch with the natural cycles that guide existence.

Evolver Awakening is all about going deeper with our community. We’re expanding and will be releasing innovative new programs and initiatives that we hope and expect you’ll be as excited about as we are. We’ll also be reorganizing things a bit, to make what we do cleaner and clearer.

If you’re reading this, my bet is you recognize that humanity is at the threshold of an amazing shift. One that is calling for your contribution to make it happen. And I bet you also realize that without this shift, the planetary crisis we’re in will become even more acute. It’s a fork-in-the-road moment that we all have to face.

Ken Jordan, Evolver co-founder and host of The Evolver podcast