Sarah Durham Wilson

Sarah Durham Wilson has spent nearly a decade guiding women onto the path of Feminine Wisdom. Before her awakening to the Goddess in 2011, she was a music and arts journalist. Her first job was as an intern at Rolling Stone magazine. She went onto VH1, GQ, Vanity Fair, Interview and Flaunt magazine. She is a gifted storyteller who has trail-blazed and de-stigmatized the witch awakening in 2011, and then brought her audience along with her onto the path of the Priestess.

After  life-changing events in Peru from 2016-2017, Wilson walked away from the New Age Spiritual World in a deep return to the Ancient Feminine Path of body and earth wisdom. It would also be the last time she ever gave her power away to a “guru.”

As a Mother-less new single mother whose life demanded her MA-turity, she deepened her studying of the missing Maiden to Mother bridge.  This burial of this bridge had caused a Cultural Wounding that kept women behaving like helpless girls in a time when the world so desperately needs whole women. She began to piece this bridge into wholeness and the Mature Feminine back together for herself, and as she slowly revealed her Mother Path publicly, her audience began to follow with passionate resonance.